Check These Delightful Candid Photos of Wild Squirrels Being Very Curious

It is always challenging to make a unique set of animals but this photographer makes it look easy with effortless images of the creatures interacting with tiny props including balloons.  Geert Weggen has a gift for getting the most out of his portrait subjects. He shots squirrel photos with a Nikon 810, and the results are so charming!

So, when Weggen captures these delightful photos, it helps to have a lot of potential portrait subjects. He says: “There are about 12 red squirrels living in the forest close to my house. Many I do not recognize anymore.” They might be wary of Weggen at first, but they soon understand that he’s the one “providing the food” and quickly warm up to him.

In addition to appealing to the squirrels’ voracious appetites, he has also streamlined his setup for these pictures. “At the side of my house, I made an outside studio. Half with a roof and the rest is open for the rain and snow. From my kitchen window, I can shoot [photos].” Also, Weggen built a table in his studio that’s at eye level so that he can arrange his scenes, hide the food, and inconspicuously snap pictures. The location is key, too, for making it easy for the animals to approach. “The studio is directly connected with the forest and trees. I hide a flash behind some scenes on a remote.”

He teaches his techniques in workshops and sells his images in the form of books, calendars, and postcards in his online shop.


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