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Dog Walks Miles Every Day To Visit His Owner’s Grave

Definitely the best friend we can have is a dog, they are so loyal and even until death they will always accompany us. The love that a dog feels for his owner goes beyond what we can imagine , that bond that is formed from the first moment they meet is almost impossible to break. This is...More Please

Dog In Wheelchair Becomes Guide Dog For Blind Fox

The love of animals simply has no limits , this beautiful story that we will read next shows us the great gesture of love and generosity that animals have. It all started when a small West Highland dog named Jack had a terrible tumor on his spine that prevented him from walking on his own. And on the other hand,...More Please

Security Dog Falls Asleep On The Job

In the Shanghai subway in China, they captured a video of a Labrador retriever who is a security guard at the same complex, in which you can see how he was so tired that he did not resist and fell asleep during work hours. His bosses were not upset, rather what he did caused them a...More Please

Rescued Siberian Husky Was Going To Be Put Down But Everything Changed!

Every day it is more common to see purebred dogs wandering the streets. And it is that one might think that because they are classified as purebred dogs they should not be abandoned. The truth is that neither purebred dogs nor non-purebred dogs should go through these horrible circumstances. They deserve to have a dignified and quality...More Please

Puppy Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Food Bowl

This is the story of Oliver, a beautiful little dog who loves to eat so much that he can’t even get up from his bowl. He even had to be adopted alongside him. Oliver was a puppy who lived on the street, one day he came to the yard of a family in Memphis, Tennessee (United States). The...More Please

A homeless dog sees an open car door and jumps in for help.

A homeless dog sees a strange car door open and immediately jumps inside for help finding his new family. Many times dogs feel when a good-hearted person helps them. In this Educational Pet post we will talk about a very particular case where a puppy that lived on the street, did not hesitate to get into...More Please

A dog with separation anxiety disorder waits for his owner all day

His name is Toby and this adorable dog lives with his family in Peru. He doesn’t like to stay home alone, especially when his father has to go out for a long time. The dog suffers from separation anxiety disorder and sits on the balcony all day, staring into the distance even late at night, occasionally letting...More Please

Siberian Husky Red or Brown Coat

Usually when we observe a Siberian Husky , we notice that the most common coat color is black or white. And this is totally true, the black coat is the most common in Siberian Husky dogs. It is undoubtedly the dominant color that identifies the breed.   But there is a very beautiful coat color that we should not...More Please