Bulldog becomes the best friend of his new little brother

This adorable English Bulldog has become the best friend of the newborn in the family and enjoys spending time with him.

Ewa Barska lives with her family in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. Recently, her friendship between her adorable bulldog Eddie (5 years old) and her little son Adam, eight months old, has become very popular on social media.

The woman says the dog and her son Adam enjoy taking long naps together and even Eddie loves to give the baby sweet, wet kisses whenever he gets the chance.

Ewa also has a daughter, Anja, aged four, and she was confident that the cute dog would have no problem adjusting to the new baby. She also has a wonderful relationship with her oldest daughter, who is a great friend and a great partner.


Ewa told Metro UK

“Eddie loves to give Adam lots of kisses and when he’s sleepy he lays his head down on the baby. And when Adam takes a nap in his bunk bed, Eddie comes over and lays down next to him and takes a nap too. He’s adorable.” .

When his parents came home with little Adam, Eddy was very curious. Ewa remembers that with her first child Eddie she was a great big brother and she never worried about him being around the babies.

Eva said:

“Anja loves playing with Eddy in the garden and most of all she loves to play fetch. She also loves to snuggle with him.”

Ewa adds

“Adam likes to look at Eddy’s feet. Sometimes he jokes around and tries to bite Eddie’s ear or put his hand in Eddie’s mouth. Fortunately, Eddie doesn’t care at all what his best friend does. He’s a dog very happy and calm. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. “Eddie is a wonderful boy.

Eddie is a wonderful boy and his family feels very lucky to have him. He is very noble and loves everyone in the house. He is very patient with children and loves his parents.


Lastly, Ewa said, “I love the bond between Eddie and Adam.

I love the bond between Eddie and Adam. It is simply the best. And we can’t wait to see Adam grow up with his furry best friend.

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