Brave Mother Dog Carries 13 Pups To A Hiding Spot Despite Her Injured Leg

This is the touching story of a mother kitten who saves her entire litter of pups from a burning building, despite having a broken leg.

Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

She was found by volunteers from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis who spotted her limping out of a dense bushy area by a highway.

They jumped into action to try and help the injured pup but soon noticed that she had milk, indicating there may be little ones close by.

Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

So they inspected the dense bush and went looking for the mother brood of puppies, it wasn’t long before they were found.

They stumbled across a little den housing thirteen adorable young pups.

It looks like the injured mother somehow dragged the pups, one by one through the bush into this little homemade den.

Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

The volunteers placed each pup into a box to take back to the shelter and be reunited with its mother.

The mom was waiting to undergo surgery to treat her leg, while her pups will be checked by the vet and prepared for adoption.

Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

It really goes to show that a mother will do whatever is needed to take care of her children, and dogs are no different!

Here’s the full video of the incident:

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