Blind And Deaf Dog Is Happy When Her Dad Comes Back

You may think that a blind dog cannot have a comfortable life , but the truth is that a dog with this disability can have a completely normal life.

Unlike us humans, a blind dog can adapt its other senses in order to survive.

Next, we present the story of Opal, a dog who was born blind and deaf , and despite having both disabilities, she has a very happy life next to her owners.

An animal shelter that cares for dogs with certain special needs had Opal, an Australian Shepherd, and they were worried that no one would want to adopt her.

Then  Christina Bray and her husband Forrest Hutchings appeared, they decided to adopt her after seeing her photos and videos on social networks. They immediately fell in love with her.

Opal’s parents recently posted a video on her instagram account, where she can be seen receiving her father. Despite her condition, Opal has uprooted her nose from her to the point of knowing who owns her, she even senses them long before they arrive at her house.

Christina Bray comments:  “Opal  waits in the front yard and waits to feel or smell her car. I don’t know how she can tell the difference, because the other neighbors’ cars pull up and she doesn’t care. She then smells her dad’s car and freaks out. It’s very sweet!”

Every day when her father is about to arrive, Opal starts barking and wagging her tail non-stop, despite being blind and deaf. Her reaction has delighted thousands of people who have seen the video.


In her social networks we can see the full and happy life that Opal leads next to people who love her. If you want to know more about opal you can follow her on her instagram.


Remember, whenever you have the possibility of adopting a dog, never pay attention to its physical condition, its color or if it has any disability. They give us all their love and loyalty and that is more than enough

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