Adorable Video of a Baby Duck Falling Asleep With a Flower Hat on Its Head

Well, we all think that 202 has been the worst year in recent history but we need something to lift our spirits. And with the video below we might cheer you up. This video of a tiny baby duck with a flower hat that recently took the internet by storm.

That’s right: a sweet baby duck falling gently into slumber all the while wearing a darling flower on its head.

This amazing cute 20-second video appeared on Twitter with the caption, “If u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck,” and then went viral, racking up over 800k views.

But first, this baby duck took over Instagram where it was shared by the account Mother The Mountain Farm and was adored by over 50k people who had fallen in love with this little cutie.   “A sleepy ducky under a nasturtium flower sun hat, having a nap in the middle of the mint garden,” they write on Instagram. “This little one is from our latest batch of Call ducks that hatched two days ago!

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