Adorable Puppy Wears Protective Suit To Work Next To His Owner

Dogs are animals that have been with us for years, and being domesticated was the key to becoming what they are today. They can learn and be trained for a large number of activities that can significantly help Human beings. 

This is the case of an adorable service dog, as he is an excellent laboratory assistant at the University of Illinois in the United States.

His name is Sampson and he is a Golden Retriever, he is a very intelligent service dog who helps his human mom Joey Ramp. When his case was revealed, the entire internet was shocked to see his protective gear that was specially designed for him.

Sampson learned to wear this protective gear in order to stay by her owner’s side during her day in the lab, Joey is a neuroscientist who suffered several head injuries in a terrible horse riding accident (Horse riding is the sport and horse riding practice).

After recovering, Joey went back to college, and since then Sampson has been with her everywhere, should she need assistance during a seizure or stress attack.

This Golden Retriever is the first dog to have access to a laboratory at the University of Illinois, United States.


His protective gear includes a gown designed just for him, dog boots, and cute goggles.

In 2006 when Joey was in the accident, he suffered severe damage to his prefrontal cortex and permanent damage to the left side of his body, plus the fall left him with 23 broken bones.

Joey comments, ” If I drop something in the lab, Sampson comes to my side and I can use him as a prop to kneel down and pick up what I need. I couldn’t handle academics or a neuroscience program without his help.”

Joey Ramp has been fighting for years to get service dogs into labs. Thanks to this Sampson can be with his girlfriend, the only requirement is to use the full security equipment, just like that of humans.

In addition to wearing that beautiful scientist outfit, the Golden Retriever has learned to lie on his special mattress for several hours, and as Joey mentioned earlier he can fetch and carry some items.

“People with disabilities want to learn science, and if they can do it with the help of service dogs and feel protected, everything should be available. This is important and it’s time to start.” Joey Ramp commented.

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