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Adσrable Mσment Of Mσther Gσrilla Cradling Her Mσnth-Old Baby At The Bristσl Zσσ

What a great moment at Bristol Zoo! A mother gorilla was seen taking care of her newborn baby.

Mother is named Kala and is 9-year-old.

“Nine-year-old Kala gave birth naturally, overnight to the infant with dad, Jock, just a few meters away and the rest of the family troop nearby,” Bristol Zoo wrote.

“We are all thrilled,” Lynsey Bugg, Curator of Mammals at Bristol Zoo, has said. “There is something very special about seeing a new-born baby gorilla; they are such an iconic and charismatic species.”

Mother gorilla loves her baby so much and takes good care of the newborn. Also, she adores cradling her month-old baby.

So cute!