Abandoned 19-Year-Old Dog Gets A Second Chance At Finding A Forever Home

It’s always sad to see old dogs wind up in animal shelters. It’s heartbreaking to think that they’ll have to start all over again in their quest for a forever home – especially at their age.

Ace was one senior pup who had been given up to an animal shelter in Sonoma, California, but he wouldn’t be there for long. The California wildfires broke out and he was evacuated to the SPCA 150 miles away.

It was there that he met his new foster mom, Bonnie. She had gone to the shelter to pick up the 19-year-old dog, taking him in while the shelter searched for a forever home for him.

The old pooch was a little apprehensive at first, but in time, he quickly began to come out of his shell. In fact, Bonnie quickly noticed that the senior pup acted just like a young dog.

Ace even got on well with Bonnie’s other foster dogs at home and ended up making new friends.

Even though he might have been a little older, when applications opened up for the senior pup to find a home he wasn’t short of offers. In fact, there was a lot of interest.

While Bonnie was delighted for Ace, she started to become sad at the thought of him leaving her home.

Those thoughts plagued her until she ended up giving in and making Ace her foster fail – a decision that made both Bonnie and Ace very happy.

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