A vendor puts up mattresses near his shop so stray dogs can sleep

Turkish trader Cem Baykal has been watching two puppies near his store for several days and they are always close to the store. They are best friends and are always together.

Istikbal Mobile is a store for clothing, beds, sofas, curtains, mattresses and other household items. The owner feels so sorry for the street animals that he decides to help them in whatever way he can.

“The owner keeps one of the beds (with a plastic cover) in front of the store,” said one of the locals. “‘This bed could be the one they sold that day, or the next.

“They don’t pick up the bed, they just leave it lying there. And these two stray dogs always sleep in the bed,” he said. “‘In winter, the tent provides them with a bed every day. In summer, they provide shade and water.”

Thanks to the kindness of this man, these dogs should not lie on the cold concrete. The dogs are well known in the area and trust their neighbors to take care of them, but this store goes one step further.

“This street has a reputation for being affluent and everyone provides food and water for the dogs and cats in the area, but normally no one provides them with a good bed,” he said.

On a cold and rainy day, Cem Baykal walked past a lost puppy who fell asleep on a mattress and decided to take a photo of the sleeping dog to post on Twitter. Some people question how clean mattresses are, even with plastic covers, but most accept the kind act.

Recently, the Cem Baykal went to the store to check on the animals and they were fine despite the weather.

“‘This morning it was raining heavily in Istanbul, so I phoned a friend on my way to the hospital first thing in the morning,’ Cem Baykal said. “The shops were closed, but the bedding was still there. The cubs were still asleep,” he added.

It was so nice to know that someone cared about these beautiful little dogs.

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