A stray dog ​​cries with joy after a woman feeds it

Animal lovers are always willing to help the most defenseless when they need it. Perhaps, many cannot contribute financially, but they always try to give food and water to a street dog. The truth is that many times it is impossible to help everyone.

In Educational Mascot , we thank all those people who set aside a little of their time and resources, to help the most noble and defenseless beings who live on the streets.

In this article we will talk about a woman who decided to feed a stray puppy and this furry little dog’s reaction will undoubtedly make you cry.

A woman feeds a dog and he cries with joy.

This emotional moment happened in the big city of Jinzhong, Shanxi, China. Although the woman did not want to reveal her identity, this event was so emotional for thousands of viewers.

In the video we can see how the puppy runs crazy with joy when he sees that the woman approaches him, at that moment he stands with his two legs to hold the food that she offered him. The woman with a big heart decides to go the next day to visit him and bring him more food.

The furry one was still in the park and when he sees the woman, he gets super happy wagging his tail from side to side. He knows the food has arrived! It is so amazing how dogs never forget who helps them with love.

This little dog didn’t know how to thank him.

The woman continued to visit him several more times and began to notice that when she fed him, this puppy’s eyes filled with tears. Perhaps he felt that someone finally cared about his well-being. Although she wanted to adopt him, the puppy would not let herself be touched and ran fearfully.

“Maybe he was afraid he would get caught, like dog snatchers. That’s what they do. They lure them in and put them in their van,” she commented a little embarrassed.

He went back to the park the next day to feed him, but the puppy was no longer there. “I searched for him for several days, but I never saw him again,” she said.


Without a doubt, animal abandonment is one of the main causes of the increase in homeless dogs and cats. Many are cruelly discarded, and are condemned to suffer all kinds of dangers.

Although this woman was determined to adopt him, the puppy never came back. Hopefully someone else with a good heart will also offer you some food and water.

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