A skittish puppy doesn’t go anywhere without his blanket to keep him safe

Sometimes dogs can develop certain phobias and fears. In this Educational Pet post you will meet a puppy, who despite his large size has some fears, but a blanket helps him calm down.

His owner, Shauna Halstad, comments that her dog Flynn is very skittish. The dog weighs more than 50 kilograms and has many fears.

He is very afraid of his own shadow!

“He hates boxes, the dark and bags. He is afraid of our cat, who is rescued without teeth or claws. He is very afraid of his shadow,” said Shauna Halstad.

Despite its large size, many would think that this puppy is not afraid of anything, but it is quite the opposite. Something that helps Flynn to be able to be calm is a blanket. He always carries a blanket everywhere, it seems that he only feels safe that way.

One day his owner Shauna Halstad brought home a blanket, which she had bought for personal use, but she never imagined that her beautiful little dog would become obsessed with it.

“I bought it at a discount store and it was supposed to be for cleaning my feet. He immediately decided to pick it up. He started picking it up non-stop and even wanted to take it for walks,” Halstad said.

“I had to go back and buy more,” he added. “As soon as he wakes up, he grabs her and drags her through her house and her yard.”

For many people and some animals, a blanket can mean a simple piece of cloth, but for this skittish little dog it is very special, as it gives him peace and security.

And not only that, the blankets that Flynn has in his home provide him with great comfort and help him to be very brave. In the large backyard of his house, squirrels and rabbits often go looking for some food and water, and although this canine is bigger and stronger than all of them, he is very afraid of them. Something that also helps him is to take the blankets to the garden, so that he can step bravely.

He gets angry if his blanket is taken away.

When his blankets are taken away, Flynn gets upset. His owner says the following:

“Protests about having to go without a blanket. He likes to pile them up.”

Although the blankets provide him with security and comfort, Flynn loves his family very much and is always there with them, as he is very special. He also feels sure that his family loves him and will always take care of him.

The family of this puppy see it as a blanket in which they can snuggle and feel protected. Flynn is the soul of the house and every day he makes his family happy, even when someone is going through a problem, he makes them feel better.

“Definitely, life is not boring for him”

“He’s the old soul in a puppy body, and he’s taught us all to slowly enjoy the moment, especially cuddling,” said Shauna Halstad.

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