A puppy snuggles up for warmth on a parrot’s chest and he responds

On several occasions , very different animals have given us great lessons that for a powerful and deep friendship there are no barriers or differences that are worth.

Thus, we have known stories of dogs with pigs, horses, rabbits, and a long etcetera, which incredibly establish the most tender friendship, giving the world a great example of what it is to have a noble heart in which all kinds of beings fit.

But we have rarely met puppies that enjoy the friendship of a parrot.

And once again a tender friendship between a puppy and a parrot has been captured in a video that has already gone around the world, captivating millions of users on the networks.

It is indeed the most unusual camaraderie between 2 sweet little animals of the most disparate species, but for which the only thing that matters is the physical and emotional warmth that they can offer each other.

In the video you can see how an adult parrot does not put up any resistance so that the newborn puppy snuggles up next to it, looking for the warmth of its feathers.

The puppy is very few days old, since he has not even opened his eyes.

You can see the bird upside down that remains totally undaunted as if it did not want to frighten or disturb the puppy, which is only looking for protection and shelter.

The little puppy, for its part, does not seem to find the ideal position at first, until after listening to its heartbeat and finding the most comfortable part of the parrot’s chest, it rests its head and placidly enjoys the moment.

The pup seems to have found the best of pillows.

Although there were many who melted from such tenderness, there were many who realized that the parrot did not look totally happy, or that they could even have drugged him because that was not an attitude typical of a parrot.

“The bird is not happy. He plays dead… the pup doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think he would hug anything ,” one user wrote.

However, others came out against the negative comments, claiming that it is nothing more than a tender moment between 2 little animals.

“I work with a bird and he loves to curl up and close his eyes like that. It seems that both are looking for heat and do not care. Believe me, if the bird didn’t like it, it would have bitten the pup or gotten up,” said one expert on the subject.

It is without a doubt the most tender manifestation of love and protection that there can be between species and a sign of their noble heart.

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