A puppy hears the cry of a baby and tries to calm him down in the house

An adorable moment of interaction between a one and a half year old Labrador Retriever and the little baby of an American family. They were the protagonists of this beautiful video that went viral. The puppy, Dexter, is surrounded by perfect scenes full of tenderness and can be seen as he reached out to his one-month-old brother, Carter, to calm his crying with a gentle lick.

The adorable moment was recorded by Carter’s mother, who was completely amazed and in awe. Because that magical moment was one of the first times her dog came into contact with the new baby. The woman was very happy to see her dog react so well to the presence of her new family. “‘Dexter has been absolutely wonderful to Carter and he wants to be everywhere. Every time Carter cries, Dexter comes over and tries to lick his head and comfort him,” the woman says.

Of course, the baby’s parents kept Dexter away from him for a while until he got used to their presence, as a precaution when they came home from the hospital with their son. And everything indicates that the dog looks like he is going to be a wonderful and loving big brother. His love for his new brother is so great that Dexter can’t hear him cry at all. He immediately goes to his side to lick him, thus helping him calm down. He really is such a lovable and sweet boy. The video has had more than 72,000 views and countless comments full of love for the puppy. Dexter has made a connection with the baby of the family and now his protective instincts provide us with adorable moments like the one in this video.

Here’s a picture of this adorable moment as Dexter tries to comfort his little brother.

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