A man wakes up to find a whole family of lynx playing on his balcony

An Alaskan man woke up one morning with a shock. A family of beautiful Bobcats was playing on his balcony.

Tim Newton lives on land adjacent to a large Alaskan wilderness, so it’s not uncommon to see wild animals crossing his backyard. But that morning, not only did a family of feral cats pass by, they decided to borrow the porch to play. The lynxes took advantage of the fact that Tim was still asleep and used the balcony as a playground.

It all started while Tim was still asleep, but he soon woke up to a ruckus on the balcony.

“At dawn I heard a noise, as if something had fallen to the ground.”

The man finds a family of bobcats playing on his balcony.

“Based on my dream, I thought, what the hell is this? So I put on my robe and slowly opened the curtains to find a lynx sitting half a meter away, watching his brothers run.”

If criminals weren’t so charming, this could be seen as a rude awakening. So Tim took the camera from him.

He said: “They ran all over the place.

“They were running everywhere, clinging to each other. I started to turn around and thought: I have to get out of here.”

Bobcats are notoriously elusive, and Tim had only seen them a few times in the wild. Therefore, the opportunity to get some amazing photos, without having to leave the house, was especially exciting for him.

“They were so cute, it was amazing.”

Tim says there were three or four bobcats playing with each other, but then it got better.

A few minutes later, a small bobcat scampered off Tim’s deck and into his yard. He thought playtime should be over, but in reality he had only just begun.

Tim peeked out from behind the screen and heard his mother mewling in the grass. Then his seven children returned one by one to the porch with his mother.

“I am very happy. I have never seen so many lynxes in my life. I was surprised to see all these pups on my balcony.

Hiding behind the door, they apparently did not understand that they were there to be photographed. One day, they were all together long enough for Tim to take the perfect family photo.

But then the cats started playing again.

“They started playing again. For the next 40 minutes they all played, chased, skated and fought on my balcony,” Tim said as he watched the mother lynx tending her rambunctious offspring.

“I have come to the conclusion that lynxes should spend 1% of their vigilance hunting rabbits and 99% on their offspring.”


When playtime was over, the mother lynx casually ran back into the woods with her kittens. Tim said that the meeting seemed like a miracle.

Then he added:

“It is always a pleasure to meet wildlife. I feel very grateful for where I live and to be able to see these animals up close.

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