A homeless dog sees an open car door and jumps in for help.

A homeless dog sees a strange car door open and immediately jumps inside for help finding his new family.

Many times dogs feel when a good-hearted person helps them. In this Educational Pet post we will talk about a very particular case where a puppy that lived on the street, did not hesitate to get into a car so they could help him.

It all started when Bill was returning to Missouri, USA, after a long trip from Arkansas. Bill stopped at a rest area, decided to walk for a bit and left the door of his car open, not imagining that when he came back he would find a big surprise. A homeless dog was sitting in the front seat!

Upon closer inspection of the canine, he realized that it was a dog that was in terrible health. She was very thin and you can see all her bones, at that moment Bill offered her a treat that he brought to her hand and the dog devoured it immediately, perhaps she had not been able to eat for days.

Seeing her state, Bill was unable to leave her to her fate, since she really needed help. She seemed very scared so she decided to take her home along with her wife Angela, who have the gift of helping animals.

Homeless dog is rescued

Immediately, the man who decided to take the dog home wrote a message to his wife to tell her everything that had happened, even sending her a photo of his new travel companion.

Bill’s wife Angela commented to The dodo:

“I asked him what the name of our new dog was and we decided to name her River! after the place where he found her.”

Bill’s family consists of his wife Angela, their young son, three dogs and a cat. They were all so excited to meet the new member of his family. But when the dog arrived she didn’t want to get out of the car, maybe she felt protected there. So that the process of meeting these new friends would not be so stressful for her, they were introduced to her one by one.

“Once everyone decided she was okay, they gave her a bath. She was covered in mud, blood, and ticks. She dried off, got rid of a few ticks, and then ate well. Bill made her a bed on the floor in our room, next to the heater.” . He slept there all night . ” Angela commented.

Everything seemed to be going great with River, because the next day he was in the mood to take a little walk around the house, he even started playing with his new canine friends. All this time she never lost sight of Bill since he rescued her and without a doubt she was very grateful to him.

“There was an accident at the house the first night, but it was near the door. She had to go, but she didn’t know how to tell us,” said Angela.

When they took her to the vet, they found that River  had parasites and that the scars on her neck were caused by a fight. The veterinary doctor gave them medicine to treat the parasites. At all times the dog seemed to understand that she was in good hands and that everything was going to be better.

As the days go by, River has adapted to her new home, she still gets a little anxious and she hardly likes to use her toys. It is true that all this is a process but her new family is very happy with the progress.

“She loves to jump in the garden and doesn’t chase after anything with Winston. She sits on the cookies with Ginger and takes over the bed with Butters. The cat was very unhappy for the first few days, but eventually she accepted it.”

This dog undoubtedly makes the best decision of her life. Getting in the car she maybe she didn’t know that her amazing new family would take care of her and she would love her so much.

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