A dog used the boot as a shelter until a man rescued her and gave her a home

A man changes the life of a puppy, finding her abandoned in some boots in the middle of an area full of garbage.

Goran Marinkovic is a man who has dedicated most of his life to feeding and caring for homeless animals in his city. But one day last March, when he visited and fed his dog friends, he was in for a little surprise.

The man saw an abandoned puppy sleeping near some shoes. She seemed like she was using them as shelter to protect herself from her. Sadly, a few meters from the place was another dead puppy. The only survivor was in terrible condition.

The puppy was very hungry and a little sick, so he decided to feed her to gain her trust and save her.

Goran, regardless of his fate, was affected by the pups’ situation as they were dumped and abandoned in the trash. There was no trace of his mother or any other cubs alive by her side in this place, she was completely alone.

In addition, his physical condition showed that he was not eating well, not drinking water, just struggling to survive and waiting for rescue. The man took her home, treated her illness and helped her recover until she was a healthy dog.

“I accidentally turned around and saw this little dog. Her sister or brother lay dead a few feet away. She was running out of strength. Since I always carry dog ​​food, I immediately offered her a meal, which she accepted. Words cannot describe the size of the puppy and how hungry he was. He was smaller than the size of a shoe,” Goran commented.

“Except animals that are in danger, that live on the street. I take care of animals because I love them, I love all animals equally”


The man named the puppy Smesten and took her to the vet to treat her health problems.

A few days later, thanks to the care and love that Goran gave her, the little girl began to recover and is starting to feel much better. Smesten started to show her true personality, she is very energetic and cheerful, but more importantly, she stole Goran’s heart.

The couple decided to adopt a puppy, and now Smesten has several siblings that he can play with, and although he is small in size he always joins in on the fun.

There is no doubt that Goran’s volunteer work is impressive. He has been able to help hundreds of animals, but more appear every day.

Goran added: “We feed the abandoned animals on the streets that have no food from people or owners. Their number is constantly increasing.”

It is not an easy job, but he is willing to do everything in his power to help animals in need, and his reward is happiness.

A few months ago Smesten changed his life and his appearance has been completely transformed. She is a beautiful, strong, healthy and intelligent dog. Smesten is very friendly, always full of energy and up for any adventure. Of course, her rocky beginnings in her life have completely changed.

Thanks to Goran’s kindness, love and hard work, Smesten now has a second chance at happiness in life.

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