9 Reasons You Should Try Cupping Therapy

Today in this article we’re going to discuss about a cupping therapy that was used back since 3000 B.C, and not many people are familiar with it.

The cupping therapy can improve our blood circulation. It will improve it in a way, that it will support it to go in to areas that it was difficult to go before. A cup is used, in which the skin is sucked in. Which helps the tissue under the cup to get released. Also it wraps around our muscles.

Small glass and round cups are heated up, and then they are placed on some parts of our skin. After a while, the cups are removed. This improves blood flow, and it relaxes our muscles as well. It is mostly used by athletics, Michael Phelps and Even Gwyneth Paltrow are using it very common.

Here are the top 9 reasons why you should use this therapy often:

It prevents and relieves from allergy, cough and cold symptoms

This therapy is helpful, because it stimulates our lungs and other organs to get rid of phlegm. With that, we are able to protect ourselves from coughing, colds and symptoms from many allergies. Also this treatment is improving and boosting our immune system, by pushing blood fluids and lymphatic fluids through every part of our body.

It is able to relieve from pain

Almost every type of pain can be reduced and prevented with this therapy, even cancer pain! It uses the pressure that is applied to our painful spots, to stimulate our soft tissues. Also our tissues are supplied with nutrients and oxygen with this therapy, and our blood flow is improved as well. To recover from an injury, heat and pressure are used around it, and energy goes through the affected area and speeds up the healing process.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with this therapy

This is a very awful disease, it affects your nerve that is in command of your hands, and it disables it, which makes you unable to move your hands. Cupping therapy is able to prevent from it, and from the pain that follows with the disease. According to a study, this therapy was able to improve a situation with this kind of disease in only one week!

It promotes Relaxation

Stressing out can be related to many health problems. Therefore it is very important to relax often. The cupping therapy is one of the best of many ways that can help you relax, because it is able to give a massage to our deepest tissues.

It relieves from digestive disorders

The cupping therapy is very good for relieving from stress as we said, and with that it is also very beneficial for our digestive system, it supports it and improves its health. It fights against stomach pain acute gastritis, IBS, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal diseases, water retention, etc.

It provides anti-aging effects

Almost every process in our body decreases, as the years go by. And our blood circulation decreases as well. We start to develop fine lines, wrinkles and our muscle tone is slowly becoming lost. As we mentioned before, the cupping therapy improves our blood flow and it supplies our muscles and tissues with a lot of oxygen and nutrients, which helps them with the production process of collagen.

It detoxifies our body

Blood circulation can be decreased, due to toxic build-ups in our body. Many dangerous diseases and health issues can occur due to decreased blood circulation. The cupping therapy is able to eliminate toxins and dead cells from our body, in a natural way.

It induces inflammation, which makes it boost the healing process of injuries

Chronic inflammation often is very detrimental for our body. The cupping therapy can reduce the inflammation, and with that the process of healing of an injury is quicker.

It can improve skin-related conditions

According to the studies, this therapy is able to help us in case of eczema and acne, decrease skin inflammation, lessen herpes breakouts and it can decrease cellulite as well. Also a study has shown that this therapy is even better than antibiotics, for acne treatment.

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