22+ times nature proved to be the scariest thing in the world

Sometimes we get used to perfect landscapes and cute animals that we forget the dark side of nature. It may not be as famous as kittens on the internet, but it does exist regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not.

And to remind you that nature is, yes, very cruel, we’ve compiled a list of photos that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. Look at 28 times when nature has proven to be the scariest thing in the world:

Note: some images below are not for the most sensitive!

27 – Escape as fast as you can:

26 – Draco valons, the flying lizard:

25 – Carrying the food:

24 – Time to set fire, wherever it is:

23 – How about walking down the street and this friendly group jumping on you?

22 – This cabbage field resembles something from an alien movie:

21 – Poor snake:

20 – This deadly tree:

19 – A sphynx cat with no eyes:

18 – The claws of a harpy, also known as a harpy eagle:


17 – This fungus looks like an ear:

16 – Bees cruelly killing a mandarin wasp – increasing the temperature to cook it alive:

15 – This ice resembles an eye:

14 – Double death:

13 – Meanwhile, somewhere in Australia…

12 – The skeleton of an animal with a chrysalis in place of the eyes:

11 – This snake has both eyes instead of one:

10 – Vietnamese frogs and their mossy appearance:

9 – A hurricane destroyed this street and was part of moving:

8 – The mantis ghost with its dry leaf appearance:

7 – A rare mutation that caused the tentacles of this octopus to branch:

6 – The scaly-footed gastropod ingests toxic magma fumes from hydrothermal vents and produces a layer of organic iron plates:

5 – A hunting hornet when paralyzing a spider at the door of a person’s house:

4 – Ants spraying acid on an enemy:

3 – A mushroom growing from the carcass of a possum:

2 – Seaworms seen under an electron microscope:

1 – It seems that sleep will have to wait:

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