+10 Times Dogs Surprised Humans With Their Unbelievable Brave Actscove

1. Layka The Hero Military Dog. Despite Getting Shot 4 Times By An Ak-47 At Point Blank Range, She Still Attacked And Subdued The Insurgent Who Was Attacking Her Handler She Survived A 7 Hour Surgery And Was Recently Awarded A Medal For Her Heroism

2. An 8 Month Old Puppy Geo Saved Charlie Riley From Being Hit By A Truck By Pushing The Boy Out Of The Way And Getting Hit And Run Over Instead

3. Tonight This Guy Barked At Me For Thirty Minutes To Take Him Out Despite Just Going. Turned Out We Had A Gas Leak In Our Apartment And He Just Wanted Us To Get Out

4. Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Lying On Him For Nearly 24 Hours In Freezing Conditions

5. Maggie Snuck Out Of Her Kennel At Night To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies

6. Our Blind Dog Molly Saved The Lives Of 7 People, 2 Dogs, And 4 Cats From Fire

7. Abbie Saved Little Benjamin By Letting His Mom Know He’s Choking

8. This Is Frida – The Good Girl Who Saved 52 People From Mexico’s Earthquake

9. A Woman Saved A Pit Bull Just Hours Before He Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized And Less Than A Week Later It Returned The Favor When He Helped Save Her 4-Year-Old Son

10. When This Service Dog, Figo, Saw A Bus Heading Towards His Blind Owner, He Jumped Between Them In Attempt To Take Most Of The Hit For Her

11. Chako Saved His Owner From An Abusive Partner Who Threatened Her With A Knife, Taking 12 Stab Wounds

12. Pit Bull Lilly Saved Her Unconscious Owner From Getting Hit By A Freight Train By Covering Her Body And Taking The Hit Herself

13. Dog Named Storm Saved An Injured Baby Deer From Drowning


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